Ought I Date A Colleague?

Fellas, there’s two kinds of women you must never date: Your neighbors and your work colleagues. Why? Because they learn your location and they know in which you work! This is not great news whenever you date a lady and find out there’s really no hope for you as two.

Nothing is worse than being required to face your ex partner on a daily basis at locations that must be safe, peaceful and drama-free. Yes, you could carry on some torrid love affair with a co-worker, nevertheless these connections seldom work. Then you are compelled to feel unpleasant with this individual.

In no time, you can expect to fear carrying the sofa hook up sites out of bed in the morning to go to the office, and you will give consideration to discovering another task altogether.

For the time being, company romances result interruptions, resentments and a complete sense of interruption towards the workplace environment. Positive, that hot girl in accounting can be giving you the eye, but just take a pass. Might give thanks to myself eventually.

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